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Andre Caram aka Drey-C is a singer, songwriter, music producer and live show director with over 20 years of activity in the music industry and 12 years delivering concerts, artistic development and his powerhouse performances at Walt Disney World's Live Entertainment and Resorts in Orlando Florida.


He began expressing his interest in creative arts at a very early age and started singing at the age of 7. Later during his high-school years while taking music related courses he develop his skills becoming a multi instrumentalist. His first released debut album self titled Drey-C was released in 2007, the 13 song Pop/R&B genre project showcase his talents where he was credit as a songwriter in every song.

Drey-C has released a total of 9 albums, 6 music videos and holds heavy airplay on crawler radios overseas with his number #1 single Your Sister's Boyfriend which he is credited as a writer and producer off his first album.

Drey-C is one of the new era of artists that proves that with good music, today’s technology and accessible shows, his music and powerhouse performances have reached a respected and honorable fan base who supports his work and follow his career for the past years and many more to come.

Drey-C in the Studio
06-Drey-C - Nothing But Hits.jpg
04- Drey-C - Strictly Acoustic.png
03- Drey-C - Special Performance II.png
01 - Drey-C - Debut Album 2007.jpg
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