DREY-C was born in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Brazil. At a very young age he began showing interest in the arts, performing for family and friends made his love for music and entertainment truly be noticed. He started singing at the young age of 6. When he was 11 years old along with his family he moved to Orlando, Florida. Taking music related courses in middle school, his turning point came during his first years in high school when he was able to learn how to play the piano which led him to start composing his own songs. He Spent the rest of his 3 years in school taking music related courses which sparked his interest for music production.



Drey-C started his career in music industry taking roles as a singer, songwriter and producer shortly after graduating. Today Drey-C has done over 3,000 shows, released 9 albums, 6 music videos and holds heavy airplay on crawler radios overseas according to ASCAP statement which include his number #1 single from his first ever debut single "I'm Your Sister's Boyfriend" which he wrote and produced at the young age of 20. Drey-C is one of the new era artists who prove that with good music,todays technology and accessible shows, his music and performances have reached a respected and honorable fan base who support his work and follow his career for the past years and many more to come.



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Debut Album Release

Drey-C's first released album was in the English language which he was responsible for all writing and producing and that debuted January 30, 2007. His first single and music video titled "Your Sister's Boyfriend" had the presence of Brazilian actress Sthefany Brito.  The song earned a great number of spins and was number one in the Crawler radio stations in the region of São Paulo.

Além da Presença (Beyond the Presence)

Followed by his debut English album came his second album release, ''Além da Presença'', which translated to ''Beyond the Presence'', was a full Portuguese album with the exception of only one song being a translation from his past English album. He delivered a new set of 13 songs also produced and written by himself. The style of production was a bit different than before, concentrated more on ballads, romantic approaches and also showing a bit of his Brazilian roots incorporating sounds of bossa nova in two songs. The album was very appreciated not only by his American/Brazilian fans but also by the wide Brazilian community living in the USA which led Drey-C to have many opportunities to travel and perform for many months at time promoting and performing his music live to fans.


​Strictly Acoustic

In July 2012 Drey-C released his fifth studio album titled Strictly Acoustic. The album contained 11 original songs all written and produced by Drey-C himself. The album contained stripped down acoustic versions of his original previously released music and also never released songs.The album explored arrangements that were simple but touching, with melodic guitars and piano sounds, showcasing Drey-C' s vocals and heartfelt lyrics, the whole recording of the album was followed by cameras and on the release of the album a special Making of the Album ten minute documentary was also released.

Special Performance I - II - III (2010-2012)

A performers life is on Stage, embarking on several performances and shows Drey-C developed his repertoire as he continued to perform including his original songs and also special arrangements of heartfelt live interpretations of cover songs that stand the test of time. Based on audience requests Drey-C released 3 CDS which included the repertoire of his live shows. Songs included original songs and also covers, which were accompanied by the release of 5 music videos "Suddenly You're Gone"  /  "Por Que Voce Partiu" a powerful ballad in both languages, "Satisfying Girl "an edge club rhythm inspired song, "Vou Te Tratar Tao Bem" a Pop/Urban sounding beat written in portuguese with smooth vocal riffs, "Locked In"  a short interluded story of a loveless heart and ​"Frozen" a dark 808 beat driven ballad which told a love blinding story. The latest release Special Performance III focused on exclusively on Electro and Progressive Dance music and was released in November of 2012. In February 2013 Drey-C announced the closing of the Special Performance CD trilogy and announced he was going into Studio to  produce his 4th all original album.


Nothing But Hits

January 2014 marked the released of Nothing But Hits, Drey-C's 7th studio album. Including only the most requested and favorited songs of the year. Along with his extended genre of songs during his 2013 performances, the album includes songs from all genres while keeping an original interpretation under Drey-C's unique voice.


Nothing But Hits Unplugged

In 2015 taking a different approach to his performances, Drey-C developed a more intimate and sonicaly new show. Drey-C's unplugged brought the best of the latest top hits with an acoustic stripped twist. This show was to become Drey-C first live recorded album. The album was initially released as a limited free download to his websites subscribers and then to later be an exclusively limited item and only available at his performance locations.

Nothing But Hits LIVE

Due to great  the success of his live shows in full band format after one hear of his acoustic shows, in 2016 Drey-C delivered an album which captured his electrifying performance live from the stage into an album, the project was recorded live during his shows at different venues for a full year, the latest top hits and remixes played by his full band made audiences be able to take his show home. The album also included two original songs "Beautiful World" and "A Song About You".




HeadLine Show at House Of Blues Orlando

After spending most of 2007 promoting and working his two released albums in Brazil, taking his music back to the the USA where he resided, he started work on growing his fan base internationaly.His first headline show took place at the House of Blues Downtown Disney in Orlando FL on Friday, September 28th, 2007.

The Show incorporated songs in english, portuguese and spanish. Performing songs from his two released albums and also giving the audience an exclusive first listen to new songs from his up coming album.The stage was full with a grand piano which he played his signature love ballads along with the help of a ten piece band including drums, percussion, two guitarist, bass, keys, saxophone, three background singers. For the more upbeat songs the presence of two dancers added an extra spark to the successful one hour and fifteen minutes show that brought together fans from all ages and nationalities.

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​Show at Disney's Epcot American Garden Theater.

On Thursday, October 22 of 2009 marked the first brazilian to perform at Disney's Epcot in the American Garden Theater.

​Making three presentations in one night singing some of his released and exclusive songs and also incorporating hits by Mark Anthony, Alejandro Sanz, Al Green and others.The performance was an overall success at Disney's Food and Wine annual festival which also invited big names in music such as John Secada, Boys II Man and Patti Labelle for the shows reserved for the months October and November.

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Blame it on Me, The Ultimate Club Party

At the end of 2009 announcing the develop of a new show he was putting together, not too many details were giving out until February of 2010.  The date announced was March 31st, upscale and selective clubs were the main locations to the perfomances. The night had 

Drey-C as complete entertainer where he host, mcs and performs during all night, taking over the night keeping the energy going all night by performing with dancers and live drums his own songs and also top 40 hits. Due to the success and crowed response shows were every month for an entire year.

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Yearly performances with Disney World's Downtown Disney/Disney Springs

On june of 2010 Drey-C based on local attention received from his performances Drey-C was scouted and offered to bring his shows to Downtown Disney Orlando FL. His first performance was on July 28 of 2010. His presence and showmanship was admired and also cherished by tourists from all around the world during his performances. The high energy show which included his original songs and also the hits of todays music. 

Summer Series  Concert at Disney Springs Markeplace Stage.

In summer of 2012 Drey-C took over the Water Side Stage at Downtown Disney for 8 weeks in a special Summer Series Concert for tourists from all around the world. The summer show included upbeat tempo dance songs with a full band backing up the sound making the energy reach high levels. With the wide variety of cultures Drey-C had songs from Brazilian and Latin culture. The Show got great review's and wide media coverage on top outlets in Brazil.

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Disney's Epcot Center is one of the biggest new years eve celebration in Orlando.


Over 70.000 guests including locals and tourist from around the world enjoy the parks all day and night celebration bringing in the new year in style with guest Dj's and shows.


In 2010/2011 Drey-C was the headline act at the American Gardens Theather, at the America Pavilion. Drey-C performed 4 sets of speaker pumping music, keeping the crowed at its best energy to bring in the New year in style. Bleachers were packed and guest were dancing andcelebrating the special evening in style​


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New Years Eve Shows (2010-2018)

2011/2012 was no different for Drey-C. He was once again responsible for the headline show for the New Years celebration only this at no other then world known Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) at the Waterside Stage. Drey-C was on Stage and counted down the last seconds to the new year bringing in  2012 with electrifying music and compositions of the years most popular songs as well as his own.

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2012/2013 - 2013/2014 - 2014/2015 - 2015/2016 -2016/2017 -2017/2018  Drey-C Brought in the New Year from Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) at the Waterside Stage along with his biggest band of musicians yet.